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Arjen van Dalen


Ph.D in Political Science, MSc in Communication 

University of Southern Denmark

Van Dalen is a political scientist and media scholar who works on trust in relation to journalism and to algorithms

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication

NC State University

Goodwin studies how NC State University is a rhetorician who studies how scientists can communicate appropriately and effectively to non-expert audiences.

Johanna Hartelius

Associate Professor

University of Texas

Hartelius is a rhetorician, who works on expertise, digital rhetorics, and ethos

Jens Elmelund Kjeldsen


University of Bergen Norway

Kjeldsen is a rhetorician and media scholar studying visual rhetoric, political rhetoric, and credibility and ethos building of politicians and experts in the COVID-19 pandemic


Erik Knudsen

MediaFutures Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation. University of Bergen, Norway

Knudsen is a researcher at the MediaFutures Centre in Bergen, Norway. His research involves methodological innovation in the study of news, political communication, and trust in journalism

Miriam Metzger

Professor of Communication & Info Technologies
University of California Santa Barbara

Metzger is a communication scholar studying how information and communication technologies alter our understandings of credibility and trust.

Christopher W. Tindale

Director and Research Fellow

University of Windsor, Canada

Tindale is a philosopher and argumentation theorist, who specializes in rhetorical argumentation

Aaron Hess

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication, Arizona State University

Hess' scholarly trajectory can be traced through two foundational avenues—participatory rhetorical methods and digital rhetorical theory—which offer methodological rigor and theoretical insight into his research. Using innovative methodological intersections between textual analysis and participatory approaches such as ethnography, participant observation, and interviews, he explores the complex ways technology augments rhetorical expression and reception in physical, digital, and hybrid spaces.


Iben Brinch

Associate Professor

University of South-Eastern Norway

Her research interests are centered around the rhetoric of place, rhetorical style and writing as a method for thinking and character development (ethos). She has contributed to the rhetorical field by developing the use of ethnographic methods – rhetorical field methods -  and writing.

Øyvind Ihlen

Professor in the Department of Media and Communication

University of Oslo

Professor specialising in strategic communication, currently working on two research tracks: 1) strategies for trust and trustworthiness of public health institutions, 2) the rhetoric of lobbying

Ruth Amossy

Professor Emeritus of Department of French Tel-Aviv University

Amossy is the author of numerous articles dealing with various theoretical problems relating to argumentation – ethos, dimension vs. argumentative scope, ad hominem argument, etc. 
Amossy also work on argumentation in literary discourse at the intersection of rhetoric, discourse analysis and sociocriticism

Sine N. Just

Professor, Roskilde University

Sine works with issues of ethods, credibility and trust in several respects. In the project Algorithms, Data & Democracy she studies on the interrelations of democratic and technological developments, focusing on how these lead to crises of societal trust. In Pandemic Rhetoric she studies the interrelations of crisis management and institutional trust.


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